Frequent errors when straightening your hair

  • One of the biggest errors when straightening hair is that very few women apply thermal protector. This product is applicable for damp hair. If you use it without knowing the proper usage of it then it will damage your hair.
  • Before you select a straightener you should consult with a hair expert because based on the quality of the hair you will adjust the temperature of the straightener. Over heating will not ensure the smoother and prettier rather it may create sever damage of your hair. Hair professional suggests a temperature between 170° and 190° for usual hair, or 160 if you have thin, or damaged hair.
  • Do not try to Over-straightening in one area only again and again. If you do it then it will eventually burn the hair fibers and seriously damage them. Try to pass up this error when straightening your hair by dividing it into smaller sections and brushing and straightening each section once.
  • Another major error, threatening the strength of your hair, is straightening your hair while it is still wet or damp. To dry your hair, always use a good hair dryer. Try to confiscate all humidity from your hair previous to using straighteners and the end result will be much more flattering.
  • Try limited use of this device every time you rinse your hair and straighten it instead using a hairdryer, since it doesn’t come into undeviating contact with the hair, the hot air given off is harmless.