Helpful hints when you are going to straight your hair

  • Always use a high-quality hair straightener made from ceramic plates. Though it will be a costly one but the benefit you receive will outweigh the cost.
  • Always be careful when you are adjusting the temparature of the machine because overheating may burn your hair also.
  • While straightening hair concentrate to work in small sections from the underneath to the summit of your head. Tie the maximum portion of your hair up and then separate the left over hair at the nape of your neck into 2 inch sections. If it is done then release some more hair in the same way.
  • When straightening use the comb to pull your hair taunt as you then run over the section with your hair straightener.
  • Always keep the straightener flexible and move very slowly.
  • If you do not get the desired result in that time frame then work on an even smaller segment of hair.
  • If you want to style both type i.e straight to curl or curl to straight, you can use Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Conistraight Iron. For more info you can read this review.